Far From Lost - photographer Rocio Chacon, set designer Aliki Kirmitsi
role: Set assistant
Wind In The Willows - co-dir. Tom O'Meara & Matthew Day
role: Puppet maker (& a small part in set)​​​​​​​
Ming Ray AW19  - Aliki Kirmitsi
role: set assistant
Facebook Campaign - Aliki Kirmitsi, Sam Kaplan
role: set/style assistant 
Amazon Pantry Campaign - Aliki Kirmitsi, Matthew Town
role: assistant 
Nauteas Cocktails Campaign - Jamstudio
role: assistant prop maker 
Shortlist Magazine - Jamstudio
role: assistant
Nauteas Campaign - Jamstudio
role: paper model maker

Google Pixel 3: Curiosity Rooms - Jamstudio

role: set design assistant & prop maker

Hermès  "Endless Road" A/W 2018 - Thomas O'Meara

role: 2D animation

Pirosmani - Thomas O'Meara

role: puppet builder & model maker

PUMA X JD - Mo Stack

role: set design assistant to Dora Miller

The Need To Be Alone - Catherine Prowse & Tom Fisher

role: puppeteering

Sanyu's Leopard - Thomas O'Meara

role: first assistant director & model maker